September Girls – Green Eyed 7″

SEPTEMBER GIRLS are five babes from Dublin, Ireland, dropping their 7″ on the Soft Power Records label in Scotland. Green Eyed is their vinyl debut, coming in an edition of 500 pressings.

The A-side “Green Eyed” offers a noisy and brooding sound, with hazy guitars and a pulsing, tom-heavy rhythm. The frothy atmosphere combines with the soaring vocals, creating a vibrant yet murky swirl in the mystifying track. These songs are rich with color and texture, which is proven easily enough with a track like this. Their approach changes on the B-side with “Danny Wood” and things suddenly sound less sinister. It’s not nearly as edgy and foreboding as the first, making up a bubbly pop song with drippy synths, grungy bass lines and sharp guitar leads paving the way. It’s a carefully organized sound with a bit of punk inflection coming through, making up an intoxicating pop jangle that will quickly infiltrate your consciousness – next thing you know you’ll be coming back for a second helping. It’s safe to say that these two songs offer conflicting sounds, which goes to show what these ladies are capable of.

You can preorder the 7″ directly from Soft Power Records right now. It will be released on October 22nd, coming in an edition of 500 with digital downloads included. Get on it!

Genre/ Tags: Pop, Post-Punk, Ethereal
Green Eyed 7″: Tracklist:
1.) Green Eyed
2.) Danny Wood

PREORDER the 7″ directly from Soft Power Records – limited to 500 & comes w/ download !
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