Song of the Day #30: The Teen Velvettes – “Cruising the Surf”

Unfortunately it’s not really summer anymore, but I am posting this today because it is one of those things that can’t be ignored. THE TEEN VELVETTES, otherwise known as the moniker of Michael Cotter, may be offering us one of the most legitimate surf-pop sounds to come from anyone anywhere in 2012 (save for Guantanamo Baywatch). Sadly information is somewhat sparse on the internet about Cotter and his project, but that really doesn’t make a difference. “Cruising the Surf” alone is an excellent indication of this sound, while the twelve minute EP itself is something you won’t want to miss. Most of these tracks are instrumental (except for a cover of the Surfari’s “Surfer Joe”), but all are righteously invigorating in their own right whether it’s twangy surf-pop or inviting doo-wop. The only complaint one might have, however, is the electronic percussion – it doesn’t really take anything away from the songs, it’s just a constant reminder of what recorded percussion would actually sound like with an extra crash.

It was tough to pick just one to leave you with below, but “Cruising the Surf” seemed like the right choice for it’s infinitely sunny vibes and beachy atmosphere. The other contender was EP opener “Grab Your Board” and honestly it’s just as worthy. “Cruising the Surf” puts us right in the midst of a 50s beach party, with glinting surf hooks that are just as shiny as the suns warming rays that blanket the song. Waves wash up on the beach and wet your toes as you lay back in the sun, scoping out which wave you’re catching next through the haze of your sunglasses. Perhaps this stuff is all too teasing of those summer beach visits some of us yearn for on a daily basis, but when it’s this good, it really shouldn’t matter.

Check out this track from the Teen Velvettes Soundcloud right below, then head on over to the Soundcloud where you can download the EP entirely for free, along with some older stuff too.

Genre/ Tags: Surf Rock, Pop

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