Dharma Dogs – Drown 7″ EP

Dirty grunge-punks DHARMA DOGS of Madison, WI just dropped a new cassette (soon to be 7″) which was co-produced and co-mixed with Bobby Hussy from the Hussy (and Kind Turkey Records).

Dharma Dogs do a good job at leaving us with a bitter aftertaste, which is surely a byproduct of their evil strand of grungy post-punk. These songs are awash in a layer of sharp guitar scuzz, bringing out the worst in these snarling beatdowns. Chris Joutras leads the way in “Laxadaisy” with his bloodthirsty screams, which only helps bring out the punishing edge in these tracks. “Deep Wound” comes off particularly heavy, showing off a thick layer of sloppy guitar filth that goes a long way to help characterize this threatening sound. Around each jarring and angular rhythm you’ll encounter the gritty scratch of unhinged guitar fury, which is evidenced perfectly late in “Deep Wounds” with its pulsing finale.

If you’ve been able to catch Dharma Dogs at one of their recent gigs, there’s a chance you maybe picked up the cassette version of Drown which features an extra 20 minutes of post-punk grime on top of the 7″. Some of those extra songs appear to come from past Dharma Dogs releases, including some of their earliest demos and a compilation album for Obvious Records. Aside from that, if this article serves any indication, Dharma Dogs in the live setting sound like nothing but an exhilarating good time, so maybe it’s time you head out to an upcoming show, no? Check their Facebook for some show dates.

Genre/ Tags: Post-Punk, Grunge, Post-Hardcore
Drown 7″ EP: Tracklist:
1.) Laxadaisy
2.) Fluke or Flounder
3.) Deep Wound

Dharma Dogs on Bandcamp
Dharma Dogs on Facebook
Send the Dharma Dogs an e-mail if yr looking to cop a cassette or 7″ >> thedharmadogs AT gmail DOT com
Here’s an insightful article with some extra info on the band

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