Wet Hair – Spill Into Atmosphere

The latest LP from WET HAIR, Spill Into Atmosphere, dropped via De Stijl Records back at the beginning of June. As far as space rock goes, Wet Hair appear to be trying to alter the sound by employing their own special hybrid of sweeping electronic psychedelia, but this didn’t just come from nowhere.

Considering these guys were once known as a lo-fi bedroom pop project, they’ve definitely come a long way to change things up. This Midwestern trio (which changed from a duo upon the addition of bassist Justin Thye) takes us on a memorable journey to the deepest and strangest corners of space on an album with infinitely cosmic tendencies. It’s like half of the record is trapped in some weird sci-fi realm that eventually escapes and boils over into a psyched-out, space rock composition that is as challenging as it is disrupting.

One excellent example where you can hear this happening would be “Jane You Don’t Decide,” which drastically changes directions around the two minute mark and follows a previously unforeseen path that is undeniably grandiose. Amongst the strobing electronics, pummeling percussion and Shawn Reed’s muffled, monotonous howl, this eight minute journey is a fitting indication of this puzzling hybrid sound. The track swirls and breathes heavily with its cosmic texture, showing off all sorts of mangled, strung-out effects and warped guitars. The hypnotizing synths go a long way to drive the track and keep things fresh, leading us straight through this vast pummel.

If you weren’t into any of the previous efforts from Wet Hair, it’s time to reconsider: this LP sees them on a brand new path. The only question now is whether they’re going to follow it, or bring us somewhere new next time. Don’t go anywhere because you can hear the 8-minute suite “Jane You Don’t Decide” right below. And in case you’re wondering, yes, this post originally comes from Get Bent.

Jane You Don’t Decide –

Blank Sunday –

Genre/ Tags: Electronic, Space Rock, Psychedelic
Spill Into Atmosphere LP: Tracklist:
1.) Grey Palisades
2.) Color and Shape
3.) Jane You Don’t Decide
4.) Strange Romance
5.) Black Sunday
6.) Camouflage
7.) Visit the Mirror

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