Geyser – s/t 12″ EP

geyser 12 ep radiclaw records 2014

Radiclaw Records is based in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada. They just released the debut 12″ from Sudbury fuzz punk trio GEYSER, coming limited to 200 pieces with the first 100 on mixed color vinyl.

Geyser, their new 12″ EP, contains four buzzy tracks of energized punk and grunge rock. Opener “Feel It All Day” is a direct hit with a pulsing pop-punk vibe. It’s centered around fuzzy hooks and aggressive vocals that create an explosive introduction. It hits hard and heavy, coming with an uplifting beam of colorful guitar haze and bass. “Copper Wish” wields a murky complexion, built with grungy bass throbs and a scrappy beat. Vocals sound softer and somewhat muffled, creating an open-ended post-punk bruiser. “Jocko” combines their tough demeanor with a nasty post-punk snarl. Slinky bass lines and grainy psych washes are woven together with passionate vocal delivery to create this exhilarating post-punk monstrosity. Listen to the full EP below, ranging from blazing pop-punk anthems to post-punk beatings.

Genre/ Tags: Alternative, Grunge, Post-Punk, Pop
Geyser 12″ EP: Tracklist:
1.) Feel It All Day
2.) Copper Wish
3.) Jocko
4.) Junkie

BUY the 12″ on Bandcamp – limited to 200, first 100 on mixed color vinyl !
Geyser on Facebook

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