Premier: White Laces – “Invocation”

It’s taken some time, but WHITE LACES are finally back again and this time it’s with their debut LP titled Moves on Speakertree Records. The album is due to hit the shelves on August 21st in an edition of just 500 pressings with the first 100 coming on green vinyl.

Today we are pleased to premier a track from the album called “Invocation,” which is only a small, teasing piece of the whole incredible album that is to follow. The track features a tense, psychedelic haze that washes over everything (a definite staple of the White Laces sound) which is filled out by quivering, crystalline guitar hooks that sound irresistibly feather-weight and intricate. Underneath the song is driven by a groundshaking rhythm section of pulsing bass lines and frantic drumming, all coming together for a dazzling and bleary-eyed wave of vibrant color that sprawls out in all directions. The band recorded everything live to tape with the exception of Landis Wine’s soaring vocals and a couple synths, which definitely helps give this track its stunning, immersible qualities.

Please listen to “Invocation” here and here only, then download it courtesy of Speakertree Records via Soundcloud!

You can preorder a copy of the record now, just head on over to Speakertree Records and reserve one! The quicker you move the better chances you have of getting one of those green copies. If this lone track is not enough, follow this link to hear the only other song that’s been revealed from the LP.

Genre/ Tags: Alternative, Noise Rock, Pop, Ambient

PREORDER the LP directly from Speakertree Records – first 100 on green vinyl
White Laces on Facebook
White Laces on Tumblr

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