White Pages – Please Kill Them 7″ EP

WHITE PAGES are a trashy pop-punk trio from Cambridge, MA. None of the four songs on their debut 7″ from Can’t Stand Ya Records even last past the minute-and-a-half mark.

This should start to give you an idea of what you might be hearing on their EP. Together this upbeat trio crafts up four break-neck speed pop-punk bangers, featuring rollicking bass lines, caffeinated guitar hooks and spastic drumming for a whirlwind of fun-loving punk energy. Together lead guitarist Joe Sutton and bassist Christine Moore supply the lyrics throughout these four songs, making for an innocent combination of vocals that adds some depth to these rowdy ragers. “Dino & the Belmonts” shows all of these elements almost too perfectly – the sloppy rhythm section combines with those gritty, streamlined guitars, while Sutton and his frantically raspy vocals are broadened by Moore’s simple “la-la” chants.

Clearly these guys are offering up some straightforward pop-punk without any bullshit. As far as simplicity goes, look no further than White Pages. This approach makes for some catchy and easily-listenable punk that you should all check right now.

Genre/ Tags: Punk, Pop, Lo-Fi, Garage Rock
Please Kill Them 7″ EP: Tracklist:
1.) Please Kill Them
2.) Forever Unclean
3.) Dino & the Belmonts
4.) Empty Calories & Male Curiosity

BUY the 7″ directly from the band on Bandcamp
White Pages on Facebook

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