Averkiou – The New Imperative EP

AVERKIOU are a four piece pop band hailing from Gainesville, Florida. “The New Imperative” is their second 7″ single on Sound Study Recordings which sees the band at the height of their powers.

After going through a few band member changes in 2011, Averkiou (pronounced “pronounced ave-er-queue”) came back with what appears to be their best material yet. “The New Imerative” EP offers up four brand new tracks of swirling and dreamy stoner-pop, coming together with a palpable frothy atmosphere and jangly percussion (“Present Tense”). Reverb-drenched vocals sound masked by a hazy layer of smoke as lead singer Matt Brink coo’s with authority, guiding us through the pounding rhythms as these songs flatten us with their mangled guitars (“Fuzzy Photograph”) and propulsive energy. Every one of these tracks could speak for the description above, whether it’s “Go Matsumoto!” or “The Rabbit and the Lion” which all seem to fall into a very similar vein. That being said, it’s easy to endorse the idea that this EP sounds strikingly cohesive compared to their previous efforts, which is something we’d have to agree with. Check out these two tracks below from the EP to see what you think!

Fuzzy Photograph –

Present Tense –

Genre/ Tags: Dream Pop, Indie Rock
The New Imperative EP: Tracklist:
1.) Fuzzy Photograph
2.) Go Matsumoto!
3.) Present Tense
4.) The Rabbit and the Lion

BUY the 7″ directly from Sound Study – 150 on orange vinyl !
Averkiou on Facebook

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