Each Other – Taking Trips CS

Today we are pleased to bring you the latest release from Prison Art Tapes. It’s the debut cassette from EACH OTHER who hail from Montreal, playing clangorous pop jams of the noisy variety.

Believe it or not, Each Other are actually reminiscent of the band Women at times with their sharp and jangly guitar arrangements – see the track “Goosing Statues” for a fitting example. These guys bring to mind terms like jangle-pop and noise rock to help describe their sound, which becomes clear in a track like “She Stole Second”. The song drags along at a slow and lazy pace, suffering heavy tom-tom beat downs and hazy, quivering guitar waves that help speak for their sound.

Things change in a bouncy track like “Freak Heat”, bringing some sunny pop notions to the table in a short but sweet two minute track. By now I can only hope you can see why I would compare this band to Women. Much like Women, they’re a very guitar-centered band, as the guitar generally leads their songs. See the track “Odd Body of Water” which proves this best just after the 1:20 mark. The track waltzes along with that bouncy guitar hook, blissfully leading us into the last leg of the track. Following this, the closing track “Steam Scene” shows the harsh but not exactly threatening nature of these songs. Now it’s time to see how you feel with these highlights from the cassette below. Go and grab a tape from Prison Art if you like what you hear!

Goosing Statues –

Freak Heat –

Odd Body of Water –

Genre/ Tags: Pop, Post-Punk, Experimental, Noise Rock
Taking Trips CS: Tracklist:
1.) Looking Lapsed
2.) Goosing Statues
3.) She Stole Second
4.) Freak Heat
5.) Odd Body of Water
6.) Steam Scene

BUY the cassette directly from Prison Art Tapes – limited to 100 !
Each Other on Bandcamp

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