Magnetix – Drogue Electrique 7″

MAGNETIX are a scuzzy garage rock duo from Bordeaux, France. They released their third LP “Drogue Electrique” on Born Bad and Slovenly Records last year. Now they have this new 7″ to offer from Shit in Can Records with one previously unreleased track.

Magnetix offer us their filthy yet refreshing brand of brash and sloppy garage rock with their new single. Their songs feature sharp and metallic guitars that cut like the edge of a jagged tin can, filled out with pummeling rhythm sections that at times sound either influenced by punk rock or even surf rock. Everything tends to get very dense and noisy in “Drogue Electrique” – they push on through with stomping guitar blasts and furious vocals that sound flattened by the instrumentation – which all combines for this ridiculous and extensive finale that is worth every second. The song continues to grow as they feed off the rabid energy, creating this explosive and destructive exit that eventually spills over into the end of the song where they suddenly hit a wall. All that being said, the lone song is an experience in itself.

As for the rest of this 7″, it follows in similar footsteps for the most part. They change their approach a bit in the previously unreleased “Faster Than a Rat” by adding a bouncy pop vibe into the song but don’t let that fool you – this song will still leave you floored. By now I think it’s safe to say that with results like these, Magnetix are a band that certainly needs to be experienced in a live setting for obvious reasons. Last but not least “Spider in the Corner” slows the pace and is definitely the least exhilarating of these three tracks, but that’s not a bad thing – by now we needed a break. This track is led by quivering lead guitars that sound immensely concentrated and strangled which makes for a soul-wrenching solo at the end of the single. Clearly you should see by now that Magnetix are a force to be reckoned with. Listen to the song below for confirmation.

Drogue Electrique –

My Rating: SS
Genre/ Tags: Garage Rock, Lo-Fi, Punk
Drogue Electrique 7″: Tracklist:
1.) Drogue Electrique
2.) Faster Than a Rat
3.) Spider in the Corner

BUY the 7″ from Shit in Can Records – available on April 5th !
Magnetix – Official Website
Magnetix on Facebook
Shit in Can Records on Facebook

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