Trick Mammoth – Baltimore

Hailing from Dunedin, New Zealand, TRICK MAMMOTH are a three month old trio who sent us their new single. Baltimore offers up some of their own strand of glinting lo-fi pop on a label from down under known as The Attic.

It’s hard to be sad when listening to something as uplifting and optimistic as this considering its lovable and simple qualities. Blissful vocals and sun-baked guitars lead the way in “Baltimore,” quickly showing off an accessible blend of sunny, dreamy pop. B-side “Pink Sea” continues these floaty vibes with more sun-shining rays, clearly showing off an obvious knack for writing songs like this. Glowing guitar leads create a noisy jangle within, supplying the track with a lightly teasing haze as it all unfolds. If you’re looking for more, they’ve got a full-length up on Bandcamp, as well an as upcoming EP sometime in the future titled Subaquatic. And believe it or not this single is a somewhat faint reminder of that Gracie EP we posted the other week.

If you need proof just listen to these tracks below. You can also download the single for FREE from the Trick Mammoth Bandcamp!

Genre/ Tags: Dream Pop, Lo-Fi, Pop
Baltimore: Tracklist:
1.) Baltimore
2.) Pinker Sea

DOWNLOAD the single for free on Bandcamp
Trick Mammoth on Tumblr
Trick Mammoth on Facebook

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