Fat History Month – Gorilla 7″

Sweaters & Pearls Records just released the second single from Boston band FAT HISTORY MONTH. The 7″ comes almost simultaneously with their debut LP “Fucking Despair” on Sophomore Lounge Records.

While this 7″ was just released, the songs included were originally recorded back in 2009 at the Sex Dungeon (which is probably somewhere in Boston). Now they get to see the light of day courtesy of Sweaters & Pearls Records on gorgeous banana-yellow vinyl in an edition of just 500. What you will hear is subtly growing indie rock with a patented yet familiar soft-to-loud pattern. Everything tends to start slow and timid before these compositional songs grow into something of more significance, probably best illustrated in the self-titled opener “Gorilla”. You can literally feel the song expanding as it naturally picks up momentum and drifts away into obscurity.

While the first was a sad story about a gorilla escaping from prison (not a zoo, mind you), the second track “B” deals more with the differences between friends and strangers. It’s quite a long and drawn out downer jam, eventually approaching a moment where you begin to start wishing it would just get to the point. Their end results are usually pretty epic too, it’s just their process of arrival that starts to make these songs feel a bit stale.

On the B-side, “Heart Takes a Beating” is the first track here that employs a different pattern which is a surely welcomed change of pace. Explosive guitars and manic drumming combine for a whirlwind of instrumentals that close out the track, which for this song, was almost like they were stuck in the later half of an earlier track and never escaped – and like we said before, the results are positively ground-shaking. The untitled closing track is a roller coaster ride as well, taking both the ups and downs of an entirely instrumental track. Hear some of these songs below and see how you feel. There’s still plenty more to be heard from Fat History Month, so check that out too!

Gorilla –

Heart Takes a Beating –

My Rating: 6.9/10
Genre/ Tags: Indie Rock, Post-Rock, Alternative
Gorilla 7″: Tracklist:
1.) Gorilla
2.) B
3.) Heart Takes a Beating
4.) (untitled)

BUY the 7″ directly from Sweaters & Pearls – limited to 500 on yellow vinyl !
Fat History Month on Bandcamp
Fat History Month on Blogspot

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