Sonny Vincent – Totally Fucked 7″

sonny vincent totally fucked 7 oops baby records 2013

Oops Baby Records in Brooklyn, NY recently dropped a brand new 7″ from 1977 punk icon SONNY VINCENT. Formerly of The Testors, this living legend has been rocking for well over 30 years.

His latest 7″ comes in a short run of 500 pieces, being home to three brand new, blown-out punk rock catastrophes. With that being said, you’re going to want to play this stuff as loud as possible – it just wouldn’t be the same if it’s not ripping through your speakers. “Totally Fucked” kicks off this party, shoving us right into the thrashing, headbanging action with no remorse. There’s no rules in these parts, just tight and aggressive guitar hooks that are unleashed as fast and urgently as possible. Meanwhile, Vincent’s fist-in-air chanting continually reminds us how fucked we actually are. “Come For You” opens with short, shredded blasts of guitar, eventually blowing the doors clean off the hinges with an absolutely nasty solo that’s buried in sloppy, metallic fuzz. Hear this filth below and go grab the single from Oops Baby Records – color vinyl still available!

Genre/ Tags: Punk, Alternative
Totally Fucked 7″: Tracklist:
1.) Totally Fucked
2.) Come For You
3.) Robot Radio

BUY the 7″ directly from Oops Baby Records – colored wax limited to 100 !
Sonny Vincent on Facebook

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