Fuzzy Cloaks – Solar Hits CS

Coming from our good pals at Kind Turkey Records is the brand new cassette from FUZZY CLOAKS, otherwise known as the side-project of Scott Yoder from The Pharmacy. This leads to an upcoming 7″ from The Pharmacy also on Kind Turkey.

Admittedly there isn’t too much we know to tell you about Scott Yoder and The Pharmacy other than the fact they come from Seattle. Like other bands, this may explain the soaked and underlying grief that a few of these songs produce, namely “Bongfire” or “April Anne”. In that regard “April Anne” would be the most obvious, where whiny vocals bring out a more distressed and emotional vibe. The song slowly treads along a dreary, moping rhythm with scratchy guitars, which by the end comes off as slightly annoying. “Bongfire”, on the other hand, is a much more heated psych-pop number that will quickly grab your attention with it’s searing guitars and tinny, metallic complexion.

While “April Anne” truly does stick out for those reasons, the reassuring part is that none of the rest are quite so overwhelming. “Run Away” is the tone-setter of this cassette, which begins the tape with a dark and murky appearance that slowly reveals a bigger part of the picture with every passing moment. Fuzzy basses and sweeping percussion pack the punch while messy and abrasive electronics emit a sense of urgency that is perfectly complementary to a song named “Run Away”.

Taking the unique elements from that first track and mixing them with the obvious pop sensibilities of Mr. Yoder results in the following “Cool/Calm”. Buzzing and glimmering electronics sit beneath a poised and ready drum beat that paves the way for timely glowing guitar licks, all combining into this deliciously mysterious bedroom-pop number that will so easily crack a smile on your face. Just like the title promises, there is surely a sense of composure that this song creates.

As for the rest of this dynamic cassette, you should find folk-tinged jammers like “Peeling Back” or “Bleed for Me” and one lush and undeniably peppy closer called “Love What I Do”, where Yoder claims he loves what he’s doing no matter how much he admits he has no idea what he’s doing. Story of my life too, dude. Hear some of these tracks below and go snag the tape from Kind Turkey – they’re $4 with only 100 to go around – if you want to hear more first go check out the Fuzzy Cloaks Bandcamp.

PS – You can DOWNLOAD “Bongfire” right here, courtesy of Kind Turkey Records!

Cool/Calm –

Bongfire –

Peeling Back –

My Rating: 7.4/10
Genre/ Tags: Pop, Experimental, Lo-Fi, Garage Rock, Electronic
Solar Hits CS: Tracklist:
1.) Run Away
2.) Cool/Calm
3.) Bongfire
4.) Peeling Back
5.) You Know Me
6.) Bleed for Me
7.) April Anne
8.) Love What I Do

BUY the cassette directly from Kind Turkey – limited to 100 !
DOWNLOAD “Bongfire”, courtesy of Kind Turkey Records!
Fuzzy Cloaks on Facebook

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