Religious Knives – Smokescreen

RELIGIOUS KNIVES are back with a brand new full length on Sacred Bones, their last coming from the Ecstatic Peace label back in 2008. That being said, it’s been awhile since these Brooklyn natives were back in the spotlight.

If you were like us, then you probably weren’t aware that these guys have quite an extended discography already released under their belt. And here we are just getting into the madness thanks to this brand new release on Sacred Bones, which only means we’ve got some extra listening to do.

Religious Knives explore the spiritual realm of a psychedelic drone world, with sweltering landscapes burdened by densely textured guitars and grueling rhythms. The gazey vocals seem to be shared equally by both a female and male singer, being drenched in endless layers of reverb throughout. The lengthy songs share both tense and oozing vibes, with jangly drumming and throbbing bass lines beneath. Woozy atmospheres are created by airy synths in songs like “The Message”, “Big Police”, and “Garbage Can” which will leave you utterly confused as drool drips down your chin.

Every song just about reaches the five minute mark, each filling out for a cohesive piece with plenty of depth and obscurity, almost coming off as lazy at times, but certainly not in the literal sense. Songs like “The Message” and “Chill Haze” have a startlingly hypnotizing quality, each one slowly gaining momentum and picking up intensity. “Chill Haze” features elastic bass lines and fluttering synths, coming together as a moody head-bobbing downer anthem. Other songs like “You Walk” feature heavily primitive drumming, endless cymbal splashing and colorful synth washes. These elements combine in every last song to make for intense visual qualities, whether it’s in the tinny guitars or spaced-out synths. Going from that, all eight of these psych-burners are dripping with a dirgy, hazardous attitude, culminating into a perplexing finish (“Smokescreen”) to an even more perplexing album.

Paper Thin –

Garbage Can –

You Walk –

Chill Haze –

My Rating: 6.8/10
Genre/ Tags: Psychedelic, Drone, Slowcore, Experimental
Smokescreen: Tracklist:
1.) The Message
2.) Paper Thin
3.) Big Police
4.) Garbage Can
5.) Private Air
6.) You Walk
7.) Chill Haze
8.) Smokescreen

BUY the LP directly from Insound
Religious Knives – Official Website

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