Psyclones – Different Thinking People

Here’s something a bit different to kick off the week. If you’ve ever done some crate digging for obscure industrial-pop from the 80’s, then this might be just for you. This brand new LP acts as a compilation, covering only unreleased material from the PSYCLONES.

This brand new compilation comes from the Permanent Records label in Chicago, with a one-time pressing limited to just 500 copies, boasting a full-color inner sleeve that features vintage show flyers, lyrics and who-knows-what. Included on the record is “all previously unreleased material from the band’s formative years”. “Formative years” is the part in question, which isn’t entirely clear on exactly which era of the band this particular music stems from. To solidify the idea in your own head, maybe it would help to take a peek at the Psyclones discography, either on Wikipedia or Discogs.

Now that you (hopefully) have a little more understanding on Psyclones, let’s talk music. First off, to illustrate just how unusual this stuff is, it’s far different from anything I’ve ever sat down and actually took interest in listening to. Wild, head-spinning electronics dominate songs, coming through at break-neck speeds and leaving you in question of everything you hear. These “pop” songs are completely unorthodox and have all kinds of frantic and frenetic qualities, usually progressing to the point of being unbearable before enjoyable. The first track “Basso Italiano” will already leave you in contention, because of the strange conversational-tone lyrics between a woman and what sounds like an alien-zombie with a really small head.

Going from that, it shouldn’t take you long to realize how obscure this music really is. It speaks for a specific kind of taste, and in all honesty I have no idea what that taste is. One song that comes in to change your mind is “Boogie Woogie”. This already proves to be one of the most accessible tracks on this bizarre LP. The elastic bass line clears a nice path, and the dancey inflections should help widen those eyes a bit in curiosity. The track has a slight Indo-Middle Eastern ethnic vibe, which probably stems from the swirling electric guitar leads. These almost sound like they could be the anthem to some crazy cartoon that nobody’s ever seen. After this one comes the messy whirlwind of “La Basse de Musique”, which again sounds like you’d hear it in some crazy ass cartoon or quirky video game. The slimy bass lines are catchy, but they’re buried underneath sonic layers of electronic cacophony. Simultaneously, the guitars sound spiny and electrified, coming from all sorts of sharp angles.

One aspect of this album that proved entertaining were the instrumental tracks like “Radar Rock”, “Tribulation” or “Boogie Woogie”. “Radar Rock” is a cutting instrumental, and it’s definitely unexpected. The fast paced action might even make you want to get up and move, but don’t worry about any strange vocals coming in to kill the vibe, because any other time that’s probably what would happen – the vocals are just a complete turn off, for example, in a track like “What Goes On”.

“Tribulation” is also another one worth hearing, which leaves you at quite a mysterious and ambiguous position to exit the album. The mood drips and bubbles in acetic guitar fuzz, hereby proving that “industrial” is one solid descriptor you could use to talk about this album. Hear with your own two ears the tracks we left below, and as always we’ll see you again tomorrow – but you don’t have to wait anymore! Continue the intense discussion at the shiny new STYROFOAM DRONE FORUMS! We better see you register 😉

Boogie Woogie –

Radar Rock –

Life Hasn’t Been the Same –

Tribulation –

My Rating: 6.3/10
Genre/ Tags: Experimental, Industrial, Electronic, Post-Punk
Different Thinking People LP: Tracklist:
1.) Basso Italiano
2.) Thought
3.) Boogie Woogie
4.) La Basse de Musique
5.) In the City
6.) What Goes On
7.) Radar Rock
8.) Life Hasn’t Been the Same
9.) Weak as a Sheep
10.) We’re Different Thinking People
11.) Tribulation

BUY the LP from Permanent Recs – in stock now, yellow vinyl limited to 100 !
Psyclones on Wikipedia
Check out Psyclones extensive discography at Discogs

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