Rabbit Holes – Tour Cassette 2015

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Minneapolis-based trio RABBIT HOLES is gearing up for a tour of the east coast through the rest of June and early July. They’re bringing along a limited cassette tape containing 4 new songs that you can snag only at their shows.

At the end of 2013, the trio dropped their first 7″ on Big Action Records. Now they’re picking up right where they left with us with four crushing new tracks. Just like the 7″, these four new songs were recorded with Neil Weir at Old Blackberry Way, producing a sonically-similar feeling as the cassette opens up. Although we go to it late, their 7″ easily became one of our most recommended of 2013 and all this time later, they haven’t missed a beat. They’re delivering their blown-out anthems amidst a seething cloud of electrified punk energy, creating this careening, ear-shredded punk attack that will have you wondering why they’re not coming to your town on their current tour. That said, you sort of get the feeling these guys will put your on your ass in the live setting.

Tape opener “Run Away” opens with rusty guitars and a rhythmic chime, backed by a crashing beat and the raspy vocal combo of guitarist Jon Tester and bassist Taylor Harris. They begin to break it down halfway through, producing a wave of fuzzy, psych-toned guitar soloing that properly kick-starts this fireball of a cassette tape into high gear. “Money in My Mind” comes with melodic guitars and vocals that meld into a harmonious, singable anthem, which becomes a major quality in many of their songs. They change gears with throbbing bass lines and speckled, broken down plucking that sounds like metal clanging on metal. Suddenly you’re sent soaring with high-flying beams of creaking and darkened guitar lines. “Ouija Board” closes the tape with bass rumbling and guitars jangling, creating an ominous tangle that swells with an infectious, fist-in-air chorus – a memorable formula that this band has clearly made their own. They touched on this quality twice on their first 7″, and they do it again here a few times. This all goes to show this is a band to be reckoned with. Listen now, then grab the tape by catching Rabbit Holes on their tour – dates here.

Genre/ Tags: Punk, Garage Rock, Pop
Tour CS 2015: Tracklist:
1.) Run Away
2.) Where Do We Go?
3.) Money In My Mind
4.) Ouija Board

BUY the CS by catching the band on tour, dates here
Rabbit Holes on Facebook

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