Iowa – Stay Solo 7″

What’s up people? Today we’ve got what I believe is officially the fourth band from Australia here on the Drone. They’re simply known as IOWA, and they hail from Melbourne to be exact.  They’re a three piece band taking the traditional set up with Dylan Stewart on guitar and vocals, Jordan Barczak on bass, and Matt Rooney on drums.

These guys have been quite busy in 2010, releasing two of their first records from their own label, Desert Mouth Records, and after that it looks like things will only continue to grow for the band. The 7″ we have here today was their first official release, and then in the near future we’ll talk about their second 7″ as well. Both come on opaque colored vinyl and are limited to some small number (I know it’s 150 for the green vinyl – not sure about the red one). So let’s dig in.

The A-side kicks off with a jam called “Stay Solo”, and it’s a slower paced number with a longing, gloomy feel. Lazy sounding guitars and a crunchy, dirty bass line take control while the drums and cymbals crash along to keep up. About three-quarters of the way through the song changes directions and an epic build-up begins to form right in front of your face, only to come plummeting back down with ridiculously heavy guitars and more crashing cymbals. This right here suggests these guys know a thing or two about psychedelia over in Australia, and they prove it immensely. Now flip that record and it’s time for the B-side, called “AM”.

“AM” starts off with a bang as they ditch the sadder feelings from the previous song and go for the gold in this track. A little bit past the halfway mark the ending starts to unfold with buzzy, humming bass lines and a shimmying guitar line, only to pop off into a dazzling display of cymbal smashing, heavy guitar hooks, and a “let the good times roll” vibe. It’s hard to pin down which of these two songs could qualify as the main highlight from this single, so how about we go with both? Seriously, check this stuff out and see for yourself. If you still want more, head over to their Bandcamp where you can find downloads and other songs to listen to, including the 7-minute epic bonus track “Weighed Down”. Enjoy!

Stay Solo –

AM –

My Rating: 7/10
Genre/ Tags: Garage Rock, Grunge, Alternative
Stay Solo 7″: Tracklist:
1.) Stay Solo
2.) AM
3.) Weighed Down (bonus track on CD)

Iowa on Myspace
Iowa – Official Website
BUY their releases from Desert Mouth Records
Check out the Iowa Bandcamp for some free downloads!

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