Iowa – Lose Yourself 7″

Anybody remember our boys from Australia named IOWA? We covered their first 7″ a little over a week ago. Now we’re back with their latest 7″, which comes from their own personal Desert Mouth Records label.

This is their second official release, and it comes pressed on gorgeous, clear red vinyl that definitely qualifies as unique – just take a look at this picture. Two songs come etched on either side of the record, which also comes along with a digital download card including two more bonus tracks. You can obtain all four of these tracks yourself simply by visiting the Iowa Bandcamp, entirely for free!

So after copping your free tracks (don’t forget to say thanks!), there’s really only one thing you can do next. Play them! First up is the song “Lose Yourself”, coming together with heavy guitar and hectic drumming that never seems to take a rest…or miss a beat. Matt Rooney slams away on the cymbals like it’s his job while the fiery guitars of Dylan Stewart create the feeling you’re stuck in a stormy, torrential downpour. Next up comes the track “Reasons”, which has a noticeably grungy feel right from the get-go. More heavy and scuzzy sounding guitars dominate this track, eventually culminating into an awesomely psyched-out solo a short bit past the two minute mark. This paves the way for the end of the track as they howl away, and by this point you’ll notice Rooney is still smacking the daylights out of his cymbal. That thing takes a beating without a doubt, but at the same time it gets old somewhat quickly. Hear for yourself in these tracks below, and don’t forget to visit their Bandcamp for even more.

Lose Yourself –

Reasons –

My Rating: 6/10
Genre/ Tags: Garage Rock, Grunge, Alternative
Lose Yourself 7″: Tracklist:
1.) Lose Yourself
2.) Reasons
3.) Gaps in Conversation (Digital Bonus Track)
4.) Wires (Digital Bonus Track)

Iowa on Myspace
Iowa – Official Website
Iowa – Stay Solo 7″ previously posted on the Drone
BUY their releases from Desert Mouth Records
Check out the Iowa Bandcamp for some free downloads!

One thought on “Iowa – Lose Yourself 7″

  1. Let me just say that this 7″ is every vinyl collector’s dream! It looks like some really delicious bubble gum. I want a piece of that, haha. You think it’ll still be available this weekend?
    Also, I really like this band. Their music is top notch grunge. I also like Stewart’s Cobain-esque vocals. Consider this downloaded!

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