Pregnant – Pregnant

What’s up people. Hopefully you’ve been enjoying this week thus far. If so, that’s great, because it’s only about to get better, so keep reading. Today we’ve got the debut LP from Brooklyn’s own PREGNANT, and boy do these guys deliver. Their new LP comes from the Burn Books imprint, which is also based in Brooklyn, and it looks as if it’s the labels first official release. Pregnant is made up of three members, Stefanie Bridges (bass & vox), Kevin Manion (guitar & vox), and Ian T. (drums) who together create short outbursts of high energy, dismantling punk rock that treads right along the fine line between punk and hardcore punk. Raspy vocals and fast paced guitar hooks dominate this record, giving it an overall heavy sound, but the staggering guitars sometimes turn into joyous leads like in the song “Help!”.

None of the songs go anywhere past the three minute mark, with the exception of the final track “Wanna See My Gun?”. This means the record ends pretty quickly, but the intensity is surely palpable within each of these ten Pregnant songs. Since it ends so fast, chances are you’re going to spin this thing again and again, because let’s be serious people, this is quality punk rock. Now it’s your turn to find out, and you can do so simply by listening to these highlights from the record below. Leave some comments and let us know what you’re thinking, and please don’t forget to support the good guys at Burn Books.

Wormie –

Help! –

You Give it to Me –

Wanna See My Gun? –

My Rating: 7/10
Genre/ Tags: Punk
Pregnant s/t: Tracklist:
1.) Real Talk
2.) Skin Display
3.) Wormie
4.) Help!
5.) Toothache
6.) Safe & Sound
7.) Do You Feel It?
8.) You Think
9.) You Give it to Me
10.) Wanna See My Gun?

Pregnant on Myspace
The official Pregnant Blogspot
BUY or download the s/t @ Burn Books, and don’t forget to donate all you downloaders

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