Real Estate w/ Family Portrait Live in Philadelphia (4/18/10)

Who?: Real Estate w/ Family Portrait
Where?: The Barbary, Philadelphia, PA
When?: April 18th, 2010

Hello all! So this past Sunday night was a very special night. Not only did the Philadelphia Flyers conquer the New Jersey Devils, but Real Estate and their hometown friends Family Portrait came to Philadelphia to play a show for us. Believe it or not, the show almost didn’t even happen due to some van trouble. Both bands showed up rather late, but they still put on a tremendous show. The third band The Beets never even made it – not too sure what happened there, but the show went on regardless. Family Portrait took the stage first, and they didn’t waste any more time.

Family Portrait – This was their first song of the night. I’m not too sure of it’s name, so if anybody can shed some light, that would be fantastic. Towards the end there is some very nice guitar work, and he makes it look so simple!

Family Portrait – Dentist – Lead singer Evan Brody sings about being a dentist without a high school diploma. He gives us fair warning that we may not have many teeth left after he’s finished either. Probably a good idea to steer clear of Brody’s Dentistry.

Family Portrait – Mega Secrets – This would be one of the many tracks featured on the Underwater Peoples Summertime Showcase CD that was released in Summer ’09. It’s also one of the tracks that’s on their spilt 7″ with Andrew Cedermark. You can find both of these releases for a very reasonable price over at the Underwater Peoples Store. “Mega Secrets” marked the end of Family Portraits set, but there was still much more to come.

Real Estate – Beach Comber – They appropriately start their set off with the opening track “Beach Comber” from their first LP. That LP was put out by Woodsist in 2009. These guys look like they’re having such a great time up on stage…

Real Estate – Pool Swimmers – The second song of their set was the more laid back and chilled out song “Pool Swimmers”. This song can be found originally as the b-side on their now out-of-print “Fake Blues” 7″ that was put out by Woodsist in 2009.

Real Estate – Untitled New Song – They introduce this song as being the “newest of the new” and that it’s only their third time performing the song live. What a treat! After the show ended I couldn’t help but ask Martin Courtney if there was a name to the new song they had played. Unfortunately the track doesn’t have a name at this point, but Courtney went on to say that we could be seeing it released on a new 7″ record sometime in the future. Exciting! Definitely looking forward to that one.

Real Estate – Green River & Suburban Beverage – “Green River” was by far the loudest and most hard hitting song they played on Sunday. It’s just what their set needed too. They quickly change the momentum by playing “Suburban Beverage” immediately after, which probably left many concert-goers yearning for more of that hard hitting action. Parts of “Suburban Beverage” do deliver quite nicely, but not nearly as well as “Green River” did.

Real Estate – Atlantic City – The jangly guitars and easy-going bass line in this one make it irresistibly catchy. Evoking a hot and hazy summer day, this song is bound to leave you smiling. At the end Matt Mondanile quickly tells us that this song is about Atlantic City.

Real Estate – Fake Blues – This video would bring us to the final song of their set, and what a great way to end the night. Judging by the screaming at the beginning, I’m going to guess that this is the song most people wanted to hear. It just so happens to be their most played song on, so it’s probably a good call that they played this one.

Now, I must depart. Nocturnal Skate Shop is releasing a brand new pair of Nike’s at noon, and apparently people camped out over night to get them. They’re called “Skunks”, and I’m sure you can figure out why considering what day it is. If that’s not a big enough hint, then just look at the picture of them below.

If that doesn’t help, then I don’t know what to tell you.

Real Estate on Myspace
Family Portrait on Myspace
Buy some stuff from the Underwater Peoples Store

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