Rats Eyes – First 7″

Here’s another from our new friends at Cave Punk Records. This time it’s a 7″ from RATS EYES which came out last year, on beautiful black and white splattered vinyl. Continue reading “Rats Eyes – First 7″”

Zulus – Kills Gemini Dead 7″

ZULUS is a band from New York City, started by Aleksander Prechtl and Daniel Martens (from PRSMS) after they moved from the San Francisco Bay Area all the way east to Brooklyn, NY. This is their first 7″ on Wizard Mountain. Continue reading “Zulus – Kills Gemini Dead 7″”

Dead Meat – The King 7″

Hey all. We’ve got something nice for ya today. It’s the debut 7″ from DEAD MEAT. These guys originally came from Miami, but they relocated and are now based out of San Francisco. Before leaving Miami, the band forged some friendships with bands you’re probably already familiar with. The boys of Surfer Blood turn out to be old friends with Dead Meat, as well as with the Surfer Blood side-project Weird Wives. They too have showed their friendship with Dead Meat on their Blogspot page. That page is great for some insightful information, and that Kelly Williams website has a ton of cool stuff on it – who I am pretty sure is responsible for their cover art of the 7″, as seen above.

The 7″ comes packed with three Dead Meat songs, each dripping with a murky, foreboding attitude that is definitely far from the happy side of things. The heavy, grungy guitars dominate the songs as lead singer Joe Santarpia howls with much anguish, and you’ll learn pretty quickly that there’s absolutely nothing to be happy about. There’s even an “I don’t give a fuck” kind of attitude weaved into the songs, but I’m sure that’s far from true if you could ask the band members themselves. If they didn’t give a fuck they probably wouldn’t be in a band at all, know what I mean? The 7″ isn’t due out until the 30th of November, but we’ve got some stuff to hold you over until then. Check out these songs below, and then head over to their Myspace for some other songs and even some downloads.

The King –

Electric Head –

My Rating: 7/10
Genre/ Tags: Punk, Alternative, Hardcore
The King 7″: Tracklist:
1.) The King
2.) Electric Head
3.) Rubber Snake

Dead Meat on Myspace
Dead Meat – Official Website (umm…this is awesome)
More details on Dead Meat and their debut 7″ right here @ FSS