Zulus – Kills Gemini Dead 7″

ZULUS is a band from New York City, started by Aleksander Prechtl and Daniel Martens (from PRSMS) after they moved from the San Francisco Bay Area all the way east to Brooklyn, NY. This is their first 7″ on Wizard Mountain.

If you’re asking us, New York’s Zulus are a slightly more decipherable reminder of the manic Sharp Ends, where songs come off as a full on assault with heavy artillery like shambolic guitars, grinding bass and primitive drumming. The metallic sonics of the vocals clang and reverberate off the walls of a tiny bathroom and help complement their endlessly explosive sound, to the point where such walls are trembling with fear as they might crumble under the weight of this manic fury. There is an obviously darkened and hardcore edge to the music that only intensifies the fiery punk rage that builds within all four of these horrific freak outs.

“Black Out” is one great example, where a grungy, gritty scuzz coats the outer layer with a totally unappealing layer of filth, bringing to mind the question as to whether this is more sludge punk or hardcore thrash. Either way no matter what you decide, this is still sitting on a fine line between the two. Their abrasive jangle and frenzied approach will not soon be forgotten, whether it’s the disgusted sounding vocals of “Variations” or the relentless swirling attack of “Heat Wave”. In the end, Zulus do a wonderful job making you feel totally vulnerable and somehow extremely insignificant.

Heat Wave –

Black Out –

Variations –

My Rating: 8.1/10
Genre/ Tags: Hardcore, Post-Punk, Lo-Fi
Kills Gemini Dead 7″: Tracklist:
1.) Heat Wave
2.) Illiterate Eyes
3.) Black Out
4.) Variations

BUY the 7″ directly from Neck and Tongue – only $6 !!
Zulus – Official Website

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