Top Surprise – Everything Must Go EP

Top Surprise is a brand new band formed out of the unexpected country of Brazil. Before listening to these guys for the first time, all I could say I knew about them was their name. I downloaded their album (FOR FREE!) about a week ago, and since then, I’m finding it very difficult to not listen to these guys. Before I go any further, I would like to announce that you too can download this great EP, entirely for free! Just click this link! It’s that simple. These guys play hard, and they play loud. This is one of those albums that you need to play with the volume all the way up. It’s noisy. It’s loud. It’s mothafuckin’ Top Surprise.

Opening track “Samsara” starts off the EP, and it certainly doesn’t take long before things get loud. Any listener will know right away whether they’re going to like this band or not, because noisy pop rock certainly isn’t for everybody. Lead singer André takes lead vocals, and he is backed up by female counterpart known as Boo, who at times can be very difficult to hear in the mix, but she’s there, just listen carefully! Following track “Saturn (The Season)” starts off with the boy-girl vocal duo, and this one starts to get deep into the noise. Drummer Fil starts beating the hell out of his drum set a bit past the 1 minute mark, and that’s when the noise comes in. Screeching guitars and indecipherable lyrics dominate the mix, and shortly after the 2 minute mark they give you a chance to catch your breath. The drawn out guitars and snare hits progressively get softer and softer, giving this part of the song a demonic feel, and before you know it the shit hits the fan and they’re at it again.

Next track “More than Cool” can definitely be tagged as a highlight for this EP. Unfortunately it’s less than 2 minutes long, but it brings a lot to the Top Surprise table. The rhythm guitar screams nothing other than having a good time, while the squealing solos in this one are enough to melt the skin right off of your precious face. An unexpectedly satisfying song this one was. I’m not entirely sure how this band does it, but they keep hitting that mark. You really need to listen to this song below. Next track “Home” starts off with a murky bass line and quick little noise blasts from the guitar. Things continue on this way for most of the song until the end when they turn up the intensity a bit. The guitars become even more overbearing and the bass line gets drowned in yet another layer of fuzz. Skipping ahead to the longest song on the EP “I Shoot the Devil”. This one starts out sounding like a rip-rockin’ good time, followed by more of lead singer André and backup singer Boo and their completely unintelligible boy-girl vocals. Some nice little guitar licks come up on this one, and as the song comes to a close they speed things up, only to slow back down to bring the song to its end. Last but not least would be the final track “80 Comes”, which isn’t quite like the rest of the EP. This one falls into a category of its own, and like myself, chances are you won’t see this one coming. It’s simple, laid back, and easy going. The acoustic guitar has a welcoming tone, and you can actually hear lead singer André in this one! Guys, don’t waste any more of your time. Hurry up and download the EP and start listening right away. You’ll be happy you did. And as always, thanks for coming by, and be sure to check back again tomorrow!

Saturn (The Season) –

More than Cool –

I Shoot the Devil –

My Rating: 9/10
Genre/ Tags: Noise Rock, Lo-Fi, Pop
Everything Must Go EP: Tracklist
1.) Samsara
2.) Saturn (The Season)
3.) More than Cool
4.) Home
5.) Lagarto Drugs
6.) I Shoot the Devil
7.) 80 Comes

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