Honey Radar – Psychic Cruise 7″ EP

honey radar psychic cruise 7 ep chunklet 2018Jason Henn has been churning out weird pop fuzz on singles, full-length albums and cassette tapes as HONEY RADAR since as early as what, 2008? The year is probably up for debate, but it makes no difference and there’s no end in sight anyway, being that Henn just dropped a brand new 7″ EP via Chunklet Industries called Psychic Cruise.

If you’re quick about it (and that’s not really an exaggeration), you can still snag one of the two remaining test pressing editions of the EP. This edition is severely limited to just 8 different copies, each with a unique, handmade cover art by Henn himself. The other “regular” edition is, um, again, severely limited, with roughly 75 pieces to go around, with about half on clear red and the other half on crystal clear vinyl. If this EP is like any of the other HR releases, it’s going to be gone quickly and seemingly disappear forever afterward.

Clocking in at around nine minutes, the EP has a few great moments, although they come and go in a flash. The self-titled track “Psychic Cruise” understandably becomes the focal point of the EP. Those familiar and glimmering, psych-tinged guitars decorate the song with a bright glow, paving the way for Mr. Henn’s breathy and mostly indecipherable lyrics. This concoction of elements perpetuates that dazes you hear through a good portion of his material. EP closer “Moon Director (Version Three)” grows with subtlety over three minutes, coming complete with a springy bass line and squint-worthy washes of glinting guitars. It’s one of few HR songs that even pass the three minute mark.

At the time of this posting, there are still two of the eight test press editions remaining. Go snag one now or forever hold your peace. Last but not least, you can catch the band live in Philadelphia with No Age on May 3rd. See you there.

BUY the 7″ EP via Bandcamp – do it now or be sorry !

Honey Radar on Bandcamp

Honey Radar on Facebook

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