Honey Radar – The Rabbit’s Voice 7″ EP

honey radar the rabbits voice ep third uncle what's your rupture records 2015

The Rabbit’s Voice is the latest from Jason Henn, better known as HONEY RADAR. His new hand-cut 7″ EP comes as a split release from Third Uncle Records in Indianapolis and What’s Your Rupture? in New York City (or Third Rupture Records).

Born in Richmond, IN but now operating straight out of a bedroom in Philadelphia, Honey Radar just dropped his first release of 2015 less than a month ago and unfortunately for eager buyers, it’s already sold out. The hand-cut 7″ crams in 7 mini-tracks, some as short as 16 seconds, overall clocking in at 7 minutes of dusty and damaged noise pop janglers. Guitars are perpetually glinting for all 7 minutes, fueled by sunshine and breathy, hummable vocals that are sung behind a shadowy veil. “Ray Talks About the USA” shows off nasally and hollow-sounding guitar twangs, while “Niacin Man” bursts open with a beam of tangled guitar fuzz. These mini-tracks are sweet, blissful and unfold like a stream of consciousness, but they’re also warped and rough around the edges and take on a shape of their own. They’re decorated with layers of melody stemming from both vocals and guitar, making each track stick to you like candy-coated pop after the candy was dropped on a carpet and is now covered in lint and whatever other debris it picked up on the way.

Get an earful of Henn’s bedroom pop mastery below – nobody else is creating a sound as raw and honest as this. If you’ve already gotten your hands on a copy of the 7″, well done. This would be a great time to revisit Henn’s overlooked debut LP from 2014 as well. You’ve got your work cut out for you – now get listening!

My Rating: SS
Genre/ Tags: Pop, Noise Rock, Garage Rock, Lo-Fi
The Rabbit’s Voice 7″ EP: Tracklist:
1.) Niacin Man
2.) Per Schooner Agro
3.) Ray Talks About the USA
4.) Blank Cartoon
5.) Drink Your Magazine
6.) The Rabbit’s Voice
7.) Operator Song

The 7″ is sold out… Buy the digital recordings on Bandcamp or try Discogs
Honey Radar on Facebook

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