Greasy Hearts – s/t CS

greasy hearts cs ep 2014 king pizza records

King Pizza Records is a growing label based in Brooklyn, NY. They just released their first batch of cassette tapes which includes the debut release from Brooklyn garage crew the GREASY HEARTS.

The tapes were released in unison with Pizza Fest, a three-day, weekend-long event curated by the label that took place at various venues in NYC from June 20th to the 22nd.

For the Greasy Hearts, their new self-titled cassette becomes their first release. The four-piece band creates a garage-y, blues-flavored crunch through five tracks, keeping songs short and sweet without ever passing the 3-minute marker. They open things up with a punch in “Too Much Pleasure,” which unfolds with invigorating guitar hooks and a particularly groovy rhythm. That said these guys will get your hips shakin’ and that greased-up heart of yours pumpin’ strong. We’re led straight toward an electrified guitar solo, blowing the song wide open with a high-voltage twang. “Stone You” comes at a medium pace, staggering along with sharp-edged chords and gritty, trashed-up guitar soloing. They lay it on heavy, exposing us to blown-out vocals and hard-hitting percussion. Now catch a healthy dosage of this greasy rock n’ roll right below.

Genre/ Tags: Garage Rock, Blues Rock
Greasy Hearts CS: Tracklist:
1.) Too Much Pleasure
2.) You Want Me Too
3.) Please (Don’t Make It Freeze)
4.) Stone You
5.) No Rhythm Blues

BUY the digital cassette via Bandcamp
The Greasy Hearts on Facebook

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