Warm Deltas – She Went To Japan EP

warm deltas she went to japan cs ep grabbing clouds 2014

WARM DELTAS enigmatically spawned from the primordial swamps of Atlanta, Georgia. For what appears to be their inaugural release, She Went To Japan, Chicago’s Grabbing Clouds Records has fabricated a hand painted cassette that genuinely resembles the way my best friend’s bike was self-painted in 1988. However, the Warm Deltas’ anechoic sound is anything but 80’s.

Floating and sun-drunk, She Went To Japan meanders effortlessly through a quadripartite of conspicuous tracks. The EP digs in early with woozy and haunting melodies in the title track “She Went To Japan”. “ANNNA-LIZZZA” breaks away with faster instrumentals and vocals, starting off downright grimy. The singer howls into some off-screen chasm, never pausing for the echo.

Penultimately, “Bright Light in The Castle” tightens up rhythmically while belching screeches and scratches over airy, omnipresent vocals. “Heavenly Load (Silver Halide)” decrescendos into a lo-fi amalgamation of the previous three songs, stylishly ending on what sounds like carousel music played in reverse. It’s pretty far out.

For the perfect vibe on a hot day, dive into the Warm Deltas’ She Went To Japan and don’t forget to snag the cassette from Grabbing Clouds now!

Genre/ Tags: Pop, Psychedelic, Dream Pop
She Went to Japan CS: Tracklist:
1.) She Went to Japan
3.) Bright Light in the Castle
4.) Heavenly Road (Silver Halide)

BUY the cassette from Grabbing Clouds via Bandcamp – limited to 50 pieces !

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