Golden Pelicans – The Earls 7″

golden pelicans the earls 7 total punk 2013

Orlando’s oldest pile of trash GOLDEN PELICANS just dropped their second 7″ on Total Punk. The Earls comes hot off the heels of their Hard Head single from last year, continuing their sloppy strain of hard, thrashing punk rock.

Things take off quickly in The Earls, leaving you with a splitting headache due to the metallic shards splintered in your skull. A wall of crusty punk lasts for just over five minutes, comprised of blazing guitar crunches for a harsh, aggressive beat down. The hooks are big and heavy in “The Earls,” punching on through with nasty, sharp-edged soloing and pounding drums. This filth is not to be taken lightly, friends. The single continues with a wave of fiercely shredded guitars in “Chained to the Dumpster,” somehow sounding even sloppier than before. Spiny licks and raspy vocals do serious damage, corrupting us blow-by-blow with snarling metallic hookage. It all begins to grow with momentum in the final minute, going from soft to loud in a screeching, anger-fueled fit of rage. Now listen below or you will be sorry.

My Rating: SS
Genre/ Tags: Punk, Punk, Punk
The Earls 7″: Tracklist:
1.) The Earls
2.) Chained to the Dumpster

BUY the 7″ directly from Florida’s Dying/Total Punk – comes with a promo poster for $7 !
BUY the 7″ alone for $5
Golden Pelicans on Facebook

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