Quailbones – Lord Dion’s House of Discovery 7″

quailbones lord dion's house of discovery 7 ghost orchard records 2013

After a strong debut 7″ we’re glad to bring you QUAILBONES newest slab of wax, Lord Dion’s House of Discovery. Hailing from Murray, KY, their 7″ comes in a short run of 300 copies on the Ghost Orchard Records imprint.

Quailbones new 7″ is like a speedy whirlwind of raw, post-punk debauchery. It’s home to three new tracks, picking up from where they left last with their debut 7″ Crane Wilbur. Much like Crane, this spastic five-piece stops at nothing to deliver their frantic, corrupted punk. Songs are fast and explosive, made up of garage-y guitar crunches, blown-out vocals and propulsive percussion. The manic drumming drives each song from the bottom up, leaving the smoldering fuzz of “We’re Good Men” to greet us early on. Trembling vocals soar through the mix, sending us through an equally noisy and crash-worthy introduction.

They do it all again in “The Long Hair of Death,” knocking us straight on our asses in the nerve-wracking pummel. Cooing background vocals and tight guitar hooks lead the way through the blaze. It’s all followed by Corbet Hall’s quivering voice, adding a rippling complexion to these songs as they barge on through without a second thought. Now hear it for yourself right below, then go ahead and snag that 7″!

Genre/ Tags: Garage Rock, Noise Rock, Post-Punk
Lord Dion’s House of Discovery 7″: Tracklist:
1.) We’re Good Men
2.) Nervous Elect
3.) The Long Hair of Death

BUY the 7″ directly from the Quailbones Bandcamp – limited to 300 !
Quailbones on Facebook

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