Ming Donkey One Man Band – Georgia Line 7″

MING DONKEY ONE MAN BAND is pretty much just how it sounds – a one man band from Mississippi. Other than that, there’s really not much other information out there to be found. Hopefully we can attempt to change that with this post.

This 7″ is a near ten minute single with moody and slow burning alt-country vibes, characterized by twangy and abrasive guitars. Ming’s raspy singing style only fuels the edgy feeling that’s constantly hanging over your shoulders, kind of like the music is always prepared to break off into something exceptionally heavy with plenty of dirge. There’s a wealth of confidence in the moody swagger that’s present from start to finish and the songs below show that.

“Lil’ Cross-Stitch Bitch” has an underlying blues tinge that presses on through the repetitious guitars. The harmonica complements the sounds here almost too perfectly, which proves you might have to spin this one a few times before you’re fully satisfied. Imagine a lonely old dude who sits in front of his fireplace strumming guitar and sluggin’ down whiskey. That should paint a nice picture that illustrates Ming Donkey’s melancholy mood swings – especially for the track “Death is Comin’ for Me.” Just don’t forget to snag it below because it comes housed in a gorgeous and vibrant screen-printed sleeve in an edition of 500. Do it.

Waiting on the Georgia Line –

Lil’ Cross-Stitch Bitch –

My Rating: 7/10
Genre/ Tags: Alt-Country, Blues Rock, Garage Rock
Waiting on the Georgia Line 7″: Tracklist:
1.) Waiting on the Georgia Line
2.) Lil’ Cross-Stitch Bitch
3.) Death is Coming for Me

BUY the 7″ here from Etsy – super cheap on colored vinyl, limited to 500 !
Ming Donkey One Man Band on Facebook


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