BAnanas Symphony – Salty

Today we’ve got a digital 7″ from the Philadelphia based recording project of Yohsuke Araki under the name BANANAS SYMPHONY. This is the latest of his multiple two-to-three track digital singles, all of which you can download for free right now at his Bandcamp.

Both of these tracks come off as easy-going and relaxed as the last, without any indication of urgency or being stressed out. The idea is to simply take you through an airy, strung-out fantasy world riddled with dreamy, wintry sounds and grainy textures that really help paint a vivid picture. The shrieking howls of mysteriousness could send a chill up your spine as you decide that “Salty” is indeed the perfect name for the opener, with it’s immediately obvious lo-fi crunch and the scratchy, sandpaper like qualities. Exploding sound effects and all sorts of other audible-obscurities can be heard in the B-side “Games of Love & Chance”. By the time it’s all over we bet you’ll be starting it back from the beginning at least one more time. With a joyfully unique song like “Salty”, that proves to be ultimately true.

Salty –

Games of Love & Chance –

My Rating: 6.5/10
Genre/ Tags: Electronic, Dream Pop, Experimental
Salty Digital 7″: Tracklist:
1.) Salty
2.) Games of Love & Chance

BAnanas Symphony on Bandcamp – free downloads !!!
BAnanas Symphony on Tumblr
Originally discovered from fellow Philly blog bro Yvynyl

One thought on “BAnanas Symphony – Salty

  1. This is a great transition back to lo-fi, for those of us who have been straying for the past few days or so (if there are any out there), such as myself. The beginning of “Salty” reminds me of riding a train, and with each shake comes the turn of the wheel as if you are pushing forward. At times I fell like it works as a rain as well. There’s something familiar about the tune, and I can imagine it fitting perfectly in a road trip cross country when it’s just you, the open road, and the music; or perhaps a Western movie of sorts.
    I think it’s interesting how the B-side is so different from and yet so similar to the A-side. It’s different in sound and with the different effects and the sound clip from the movie “Dead Man”. You are totally right about both tracks being easy-going and stress-free. It’s hard not to listen and stare out the window, the songs getting mixed between reality and your subconscious thought. Every time I replay it, I hear something different. It’s awesome! It puts a smile on my face when he sings, “all you need is to feel good” in “Games of Love & Chance.” So true, in every respect.

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