The Soft Moon – Parallels 7″

THE SOFT MOON is fronted by main-man Luis Vasquez, and this single comes from his debut release from the Captured Tracks label. The record was released about a month before the turn of the new year, and it received a great deal of praise.

After seeing the name around in various places with commendable words, you could say I was a bit curious to look into The Soft Moon. Well just the other day I was browsing through the record shelves around Philly and came up with this single from the new album. It has the propulsive and darkened “Parallels” on the A-side, while the B-side is filled out with a track not included on the full length called “Bones”. Both follow driving electronic rhythms with creepily whispered vocals and a morbid attitude that definitely gives nods towards things like darkness, the Gothic ages, being primitive and just plain mysterious.

For the most part these two songs employ harsh electronics and gurgling, industrial sound effects that makes them feel like they’re constantly twitching. Underneath it all is haunted howling and a relentless buzzing ambiance that definitely give these songs even more of a woozy feeling, not only that they’re twitching, but also swirling around constantly forcing you to get all dizzy and lethargic. You can hear both of these dark numbers right below, ripped directly from the 7″ for ya’ll. Please enjoy!

Parallels –

Bones –

My Rating: 6/10
Genre/ Tags: Electronic, New Wave, Ambient
Parallels 7″: Tracklist:
1.) Parallels
2.) Bones

BUY the 7″ directly from Insound
The Soft Moon on Facebook

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