DOOMSTAR! – New Years Single 2011

It’s kind of been awhile since we heard from DOOMSTAR!, but that is no longer the case! This Boston trio just put out a new single for the new year, and it includes two surfing garage psych-jams – one that was previously unreleased and another that was on a compilation album with Deathbomb Arc records.

The previously unreleased track, entitled “Sea Gull”, was a song from their Rainbow Bloodsucker sessions, which was their EP that came out earlier in 2010. In listening to the EP and then checking out this new track, it’s really no surprise that it came from the same time. The song’s got that loud, crunchy, almost excessive production, but that’s all part of the DOOMSTAR! approach. The jangly guitars sound as concentrated as possible as they force you to sway back and forth through this breezy medium-tempo jam. A bit past the halfway mark some complementary lead guitar licks work their way into the mix, and they definitely help broaden the song and give it some substance. It’s kind of hard to ignore thoughts of strolling down a warm and sunny beach as you sway back and forth through the joyous guitars and laid-back energy.

Next up is “Night at the Movies”, which comes from that compilation album from Deathbomb Arc Records. Right from the get-go this song is already way different from the first, coming at you with an even more grainy, in-yr-face production and suddenly popping off into garage-psych madness. Then you’re dominated by throbbing bass lines and bat-shit drumming as lead singer Spenser Gralla howls away into his microphone – possibly singing something about knowing somebody’s favorite color at one point? That’s not entirely clear, but the last forty seconds or so consist of more wild lead guitar work and wolf-like howling as they bring the song to its end.

For now this is the latest news we have from camp DOOMSTAR!, but sit tight for a little while and there might just be some more exciting news to come your way. Until then we’ll all have to wait patiently! So check out the songs below and don’t forget to snag yr free download. See ya tonight at the CREEPOID show? You best be there.

Sea Gull –

Night at the Movies –

My Rating: 7.5/10
Genre/ Tags: Garage Rock, Psychedelic, Punk, Surf Rock
New Years Single 2011: Tracklist:
1.) Sea Gull
2.) Night at the Movies

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DOWNLOAD the single for FREE on the DOOMSTAR Bandcamp
DOOMSTAR! – Rainbow Bloodsucker EP previously posted on the Drone

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