Wax Idols – Schadenfreude 7″

Hether Fortune of WAX IDOLS released her second 7″ to the world back in May via Suicide Squeeze Records. In regards to her debut LP on Hozac, this single was the next step forward.

So if you were expecting the exact same thing we heard in No Future, chances are you’ll be caught off guard. This time Fortune delivers us a dark and gloomy strand of punk rock with a cold edge, characterized by throbbing bass lines, pounding drums and Fortune’s bold, full-throated howl. The sharp edged guitars of “Schadenfreude” cut like tiny daggers, ultimately giving this single it’s mangled and shredded complexion as the frantic feelings of paranoia begin to soak in. On the B-side, “The Last Drop” uses similarly brooding elements that are arranged into a twisted and murky punk jam that slowly unfolds as the song creeps forward. Metallic guitars shimmer in the streaky light, making for a deep, cringing chorus as Fortune howls with authority over the alluring mix.

The only way to truly get the real picture would be by listening, so check these two songs out right now.

Genre/ Tags: Punk, Alternative, Noise Rock
Schadenfreude 7″: Tracklist:
1.) Schadenfreude
2.) The Last Drop

BUY the 7″ directly from Insound – limited to 500 and it won’t be around forever !
Wax Idols on Facebook

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