Univox – Lying Fuck 7″

I’m loving all of these new Philly bands that have been popping up lately. Most recently coming into my radar would be Philadelphia’s own UNIVOX, and these guys definitely fit in quite nicely with the ever-growing band scene in Philadelphia. They certainly don’t waste any time, and they’re certainly not afraid to rock yr face off and send yr ass right to the damn floor. They quickly prove that statement with the song “Pi” as well. Right off the bat these guys already sound like they’re going ape-shit on their instruments, and then we have the singer shoving his words down our throat almost immediately. I don’t exactly know who is singing in “Pi”, but I have come to understand that all four of the dudes in the band take vocal duties, so I guess it wouldn’t really make a difference. Right after the electrified rock out that is “Pi”, they start up from a different level with the song “I’m a Lying Fuck”. A nasally acoustic guitar starts things off, and you’ll probably notice that it’s definitely a different guy singing. Or maybe not. But it definitely sounds that way.

It doesn’t stay that way for long though. Things change up right before the one minute mark when the singer counts off, and then the shit hits the fan. You may also notice the vocal harmonies, and there’s a shit-ton of them. They definitely use this feat to their advantage, too. I guess that’s the perks of having multiple singers in yr band. Stick around til the final minute of the song for some awesome guitar work as well. Next up would be “Cannonball”, the longest song included on the 7″. The singer sings deeply about being a carpet, a cow, a pyramid, and probably even a few other things that I missed. Then at the two minute mark things take a drastic turn. From here on out, a galloping drum beat and a small sprinkle of a country-music tinge take over the song, and you’re probably lying if you say you saw this part coming. That’s all I got for you today, but check out the songs below. If you’re from Philadelphia, you’ll feel pretty psyched after listening knowing that you come from the same city as the music.

Pi –

Cannonball –

My Rating: 8/10
Genre/ Tags: Punk, Alternative, Garage Rock
Lying Fuck 7″: Tracklist:
1.) Pi
2.) I’m a Lying Fuck
3.) Cannonball

BUY the 7″ from Insound!
BUY their full-length while yr at it too. Why not??
Univox on Myspace !

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