Deep Sht – Weird You 7″

Hey guys, I have kind of another short post for you today. That’s because a new pair of Nike’s are being released this morning and I’m trying to snag a pair before it’s too late. They’re limited edition Nike SB Dunk Highs designed by skater Eric Koston, and they’re supposed to represent the temples in Thailand. Check them out right here. If it’s still early and there’s a decent skateshop in your town, it might not be too late to get them yourself! All this Nike talk makes me wonder why this isn’t a Nike SB/Music blog. Hmmmmmmmm…………

Well, for our music entry today, I have something that has been making some waves across the blogosphere lately. At least in the places I’ve been looking anyway. This time it’s a band called Deep Sht, and it sounds like we have another one-man bedroom pop band on our hands again. Deep Sht is the moniker of a man named Tom Watson, and his Myspace says he’s from London in the United Kingdom. He plays sluggish, drowned out pop music that sounds like it could lean a bit towards the “shitgaze” sound, and it’s quite awesome. Other words like “slowgaze” and “slowcore” could be used to describe the minimally awesome blissed-out sound that is Deep Sht. Every song from this 7″ EP could qualify as a highlight, but some of the hazy, euphoric goodness still stands out before the rest. Tracks like “Hector” and the spacey, far-out ones like “Weird You” and the final track “No No Mr. Greenspan” are all certainly worth hearing. Watson sings in them all, and his voice sounds like a buzzing wasp in the mix that is at some points very hard to understand. Sometimes he whispers, and things get a bit eerie. Find out for yourself by listening to the songs below! Farewell, and good luck if you’re hoping to grab a pair of these beauties today!

Hector –

Weird You –

No No Mr. Greenspan –

My Rating: 8/10
Genre/ Tags: Lo-Fi, Shoegaze, Slowcore
Weird You: Tracklist:
1.) Hector
2.) Other Peoples Lives
3.) Loose Lips Sink Deep Shit
4.) Weird You
5.) No No Mr. Greenspan

Deep Sht on Myspace
Deep Sht Blogspot
Download the 7″ from No Pain in Pop (for a small fee)

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