Warpaint Live in Philadelphia (12/3/10)

Who?: Warpaint
Where?: Making Time @ Club Voyeur
When?: Friday, December 3rd, 2010

Being 21 means you can legally drink alcohol – being 21 and going to a show at a club means you’re going to be surrounded by drunk people who can no longer grasp the idea of a general admission show. No, you don’t have divine rights to the spot you’re standing in, and as soon as I get a chance to kick your ass out, you better say goodbye to your precious spot.

WARPAINT played in Philadelphia this past Friday night for Making Time at Club Voyeur, and it was absolutely packed. The all girl band released their first official full length back in October, entitled “The Fool”, and now they’re out on the road to support it. They played a handful of some of the best songs from “The Fool”, and they even covered a few songs from their “Exquisite Corpse” EP that originally came out on Manimal Vinyl last year.

When these girls play live, they all enter their own zone, and there isn’t much that can throw them off their game once they’ve gotten started. So all you need to do is watch and let these lovely ladies take you to another world as they play their own unique blend of slithery psych-rock and show off just how well they can perform in a live setting. Check out these five videos below and see for yourself. Continue reading “Warpaint Live in Philadelphia (12/3/10)”