Warpaint Live in Philadelphia (12/3/10)

Who?: Warpaint
Where?: Making Time @ Club Voyeur
When?: Friday, December 3rd, 2010

Being 21 means you can legally drink alcohol – being 21 and going to a show at a club means you’re going to be surrounded by drunk people who can no longer grasp the idea of a general admission show. No, you don’t have divine rights to the spot you’re standing in, and as soon as I get a chance to kick your ass out, you better say goodbye to your precious spot.

WARPAINT played in Philadelphia this past Friday night for Making Time at Club Voyeur, and it was absolutely packed. The all girl band released their first official full length back in October, entitled “The Fool”, and now they’re out on the road to support it. They played a handful of some of the best songs from “The Fool”, and they even covered a few songs from their “Exquisite Corpse” EP that originally came out on Manimal Vinyl last year.

When these girls play live, they all enter their own zone, and there isn’t much that can throw them off their game once they’ve gotten started. So all you need to do is watch and let these lovely ladies take you to another world as they play their own unique blend of slithery psych-rock and show off just how well they can perform in a live setting. Check out these five videos below and see for yourself.






Even though the footage gets a bit shaky at times (the place was packed I remind you), you can still tell that they demolished their set. That extra long jam-out at the end of “Elephants” is certainly an indication that this band must be experienced live above all other forms. Sure, their recordings are without a doubt awesome, but those recordings don’t do their live show as much justice as they could. So please enjoy those videos above, and then get yourselves ready for the rest of the week in music.

Warpaint on Myspace
Warpaint – Official Website
BUY “The Fool” directly from Insound

10 thoughts on “Warpaint Live in Philadelphia (12/3/10)

  1. Wait so you’re saying that you can just push the people in the front row out of the way after they’ve been standing there for a good 2 hours, not going to the bathroom for fear of losing their spot? How is that A. fair B. warranted and C. your right? Its annoying as hell when you see a dude with a shitty camera thinking he’s got a VIP press pass just because you have a music blog…(get an hd camera, let the drunks around you know you are gonna have the whole show on youtube in high def for them later and I’m sure you’d be left to stand wherever the hell you’d want) that said, I completely agree there were more than a few total and complete drunk assholes and bitches around us. (I’m the one to the right of you who was wondering where your videos were going to be posted and you gave your card to) My friend kept getting pushed and punched by the girl behind her who was celebrating her 21st birthday. (yeah the one they begrudgingly sang happy birthday to…) I’ve been to see them 3 times now, once at Johnny Brenda’s with Javelin, then opening for the XX at Merriam Theater, Finally the other night at Voyeur. They are a killer live band, don’t know why they don’t play Billie Holiday but whatever. This wasn’t meant to be a rant, but you came off as a little holier than thou (was kinda funny how that gay member flipped out at you) and I just had to put my two cents in.

    1. Okay Mr. Wall of Text, let me splatter some truth all over your face for a minute.

      As a one time poster for the fantastic and highly informative blog, The Styrofoam Drone, I feel like I should respond to what you’re saying. Essentially, I don’t give a flying fuck. It’s a show, there are no assigned seats. I will kick, prod, poke and shove my way to the front row in a manner in which i deem fit. Think of getting to the front row of a show as a metaphor of sorts for the way this country works; only the tough, corrupt and determined get to the top. Climb to the top or fall into the pits (and not the pit towards the stage either, I mean the pit similar to the one where you end up if you lose in Mortal Combat, you know, the pit of death with all the spikes and shit).

      1. Standing venues are fair game. You end up where you end up. Especially at shows like Warpaint, and bands like them. If you don’t already know this, i don’t know where you’ve been. There is no “fair” when it comes to these things. The only “fair” is that everyone has the same chance to stand in any square foot of the venue. Also, yr use of “fair” and “warranted” is superfluous because, it means the same thing in this context.
        Everyone pays the same amount and has the same want of seeing the band. Let me pose this question to you: how is it fair that some people get up in front and take the front row the ENTIRE show when shorter people, and people who are just as much in love with the band as them, and in want of a little dancing and a decent view end up suffering behind 6′ tall dudes who just stand there. Do what I do; start where you can and work your way up. Don’t be afraid to push people because, believe me, they won’t be afraid to push you (if they haven’t already). Stop complaining. You win some, you lose some. Also, if yr annoyed that someone is hitting you, fucking move. I hate when people stand in front and get pissed off when people start a mosh and end up pushing people. Assume that if yr in the front three rows, you’ll be pushed around a little. If you don’t want to be apart of it, move.
        One more thing. Aren’t you there to enjoy the music? I understand that actually seeing the band is important, but I think the sound is even more important. Stop getting pissed off, and start enjoying the musical qualities of the show. That’s what you paid for…

  2. I regret not going to this show. I went to the Antlers at the Church instead. I saw Warpaint a few months ago at Johnny Brendas and they blew me away. Hopefully they come back around soon.

  3. TOO FUNNY that I found this site!! I was the girl you were pushing and elbowing the whole entire show to get your spot!!! I was at that spot the minute they opened that floor at 10pm because I love Warpaint and had waited all month for this. I knew I wanted to be up front so I made sure to get there early and stay there the entire time. Had you said “Would you mind if I squeeze in here so I can tape this?” I would have said sure, and tried to make room for you. But the fact that you rudely pushed and shoved me the whole entire time, there was not a chance in hell you were getting in front of me. The fact that a total stranger had to link arms with me so that you couldn’t shove between us says it all. Had a great time though, it was worth the constant struggle. Warpaint kicks ass!!

    1. you’re right – I didn’t ask, but really, nobody has to. A general admission show is a general admission show. Things have always been that way and they’re not gonna change. It’s every person for themselves, unless of course the show has a self-proclaimed gatekeeper at the front of the stage judging who can and can’t be up there.

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