Robedoor – Pacific Drift 7″

What’s up. There’s been a lot of stuff coming from the Not Not Fun label lately. One of those things was the Pocahaunted 7″ we covered a few days ago, and now we’re back with even more from them. Today we have the brand new ROBEDOOR 7″, but this doesn’t even appear to be their newest release. They’ve got even more listed up on their site now. It doesn’t really make a difference for anything, it just goes to show that these guys put out a shit-ton of awesome music for the world to enjoy. And for that, I thank them. You should too. But this new Robedoor 7″ is why we’re here today, and it’s quite a dark, moody slab of 7″ vinyl.

Robedoor walks the fine line of balancing between droned out ambient rock and heavy, moody psychedelic rock on this 7″, and you’ll figure this out pretty quickly right within the first track “Pacific Drift”. The first two minutes of the song are dominated by textured and grainy guitars, building up momentum as other elements start to come into play as the song progresses. It’s almost like you’re being thrown right into the middle of a dark tribal meeting of spirits as they summon their gods from above – yeah, it’s like that. The drums start to come through a little clearer, and that flute-like keyboard (it sounds like a flute!) acts as a lead guitar over the textured guitar storm that is brewing underneath everything else. Make sure you don’t miss this one below. Now it’s time we flip that 7″.

Next up is the song “Exploited”, and they get into it much quicker this time, taking on the psychedelic rock side of things. Their result – a huge, sprawling mess of a buildup that finally peaks off at the twenty second mark. All while the lead singer continues to ramble on, spitting out completely unintelligible lyrics. Somebody should have told him you can’t hear a damn word he’s saying. Next up would be the last track “Blanked Out”, and they take it back down a notch for this song. There’s some rainy day sounds weaved into the mix, almost giving it dream-like/ soundscape qualities, and it works perfectly for this slow-burner. Invigorating lead guitars start to reveal themselves towards the end, giving this song that much more personality than it already had. Great stuff right here – definitely don’t sleep on it. Get that 7″ before it’s all gone!

Pacific Drift –

Exploited –

My Rating: 7/10
Genre/ Tags: Psychedelic, Lo-Fi, Drone
Pacific Drift 7″: Tracklist:
1.) Pacific Drift
2.) Exploited
3.) Blanked Out

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Psychic Ills – Catoptric

Yo yo. Got something a bit different for you guys today. I was in search of something new, and this is what I came up with. It’s the latest release from the PSYCHIC ILLS, and it comes from the Social Registry in a numbered edition of 550 on random colored vinyl. The songs on this record were recorded at nearly the same time as their full-length “Mirror Eye”, which was released back in the beginning of 2009. This was the stuff from that era of the band that was never quite finished and mastered, so instead of letting it waste away they put it on this nice new LP for us.

Now I don’t know which of you guys have already come across the Psychic Ills, but if you have, you already know one thing: these guys create some otherworldly tunes. Hence why I said it was different at the beginning of the post. I don’t really think this stuff is for everybody, but that doesn’t exactly mean you won’t like it. Drony, zoned out, trance-like songs fill this record from beginning to end, and for some reason it reminds me of the pyramids and ancient Egypt and all that jazz whenever I’m listening. I don’t really know what that means, but hopefully it will help give you an idea of your own. You should definitely check out the song “Secret Flower” though, which is probably the most accessible song from the LP. It’s a buzzy, swirling and moody song all at once, and the feeling it evokes is definitely strange, or eerie. I’ve never really been at a loss for words before on here, but this is definitely the closest I’ve been. Just check out the song below and see what you think, because that’s what really matters.

Secret Flower –

My Rating: 6.5/10
Genre/ Tags: Experimental, Drone, Trance
Catoptric: Tracklist:
1.) Transmute
2.) Secret Flower
3.) Indus Echo
4.) Outvocation

Psychic Ills on Myspace
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Read the album description from the Social Registry to get an even better idea of the music