Jesus Sons – s/t LP

jesus sons st lp 2014 mock records

JESUS SONS is a 5-piece blues rock band from Los Angeles, California. Featuring ex-Spyrals member Brandon Wurtz, they’re debut LP was released by Mock Records at the end of January.

Unfortunately for us, their LP sold out in less than a month after a slew of shows. The good news? You can still listen to it! Coming together with nine original tracks, the album clocks in with thirty minutes of bluesy material. Their take on garage rock is dirty and rugged, leaving a trail of smoldering guitars in their path. Wurtz’ blown-out vocals and tambourine-heavy percussion carve a path in “Who’s Around,” capped off with a wiry guitar solo. “You Put a Spell on Me” is a lazy dirge, driven by tom-tom thuds and a shimmering rhythm. Crunchy guitar twangs lead us straight into the desert haze, keeping the track completely instrumental as it ripples with texture. They take a different angle in “Melt,” opening with rattling percussion and screeching guitars. It falls onto the noisy and experimental side, going to show these guys aren’t just sticking to one solitary sound. Get your dose of the LP by listening below, then hope for a repress! then go snag that repress, it’s limited to just 50 copies!

Genre/ Tags: Garage Rock, Blues Rock, Lo-Fi, Alt-Country
s/t LP: Tracklist:
1.) All These Furs
2.) Who’s Around
3.) I Wanna Be Your Man
4.) You Put a Spell on Me
5.) Don’t Wanna Die
6.) Ain’t Talkin’ Homesick
7.) Out of Time
8.) Melt
9.) Going Down

BUY the LP… we’re a little late, it’s sold out. from Jesus Sons on Bandcamp – limited to 50 !!!
Jesus Sons on Facebook

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