Black Ladies – Naked Caveman 7″ EP

My Rating: 7/10
Genre/ Tags: Experimental, Instrumental, Punk

Today’s band is a bit more on the obscure side of the fence. I’m not exactly sure how somebody is supposed to find out about a band like this, but I did through their record label. Stationary (Heart) Records put out one of the few releases that the band has ever seen back in 2008, and up until their break-up in 2009, the band hadn’t released much else. I went to Stationary (Heart) to order a copy of Double Daggers “Ragged Rubble” and in the process is when I initially came across the Black Ladies. I had some extra money that day so instead of just buying the Double Dagger LP, I also bought the Black Ladies EP. It’s quite a unique record too. The sleeves were hand-screened and hand-cut by Drug Factory Press, and each record comes pressed on a different color vinyl. On top of that, they’ve limited the release to 500 copies, so if you’re interested in buying this, it’s probably a good idea to get it sooner than later. The EP features three original Black Ladies tracks, two of which I have here for you to listen! I don’t mean to take right from the Stationary (Heart) records description of the band, but they’ve said it quite perfectly…

“Chicago’s Black Ladies make no mistake about what they set out to do. With their brutal attack, stripped down to the point of primitive, these two noiseniks bang out some of the most ferociously raw anthems to ever resonate throughout the basements of the midwest.”

…Raw anthems! Hardcore breakdowns! Drums and bass! It’s all true! Listen for yourself and see what you think! Thanks for reading and check back soon!!!

Taken by the Viking

The Real Jurassic Park

Naked Caveman EP: Tracklist
1.) Naked Caveman
2.) Taken by the Viking
3.) The Real Jurassic Park

Black Ladies on Myspace
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Shlohmo – Hot Boxing the Cockpit

Hello! I don’t have much time to post today, so I only have a song for you. This song comes from a 19-year old producer named Henry Laufer, who many of you may know better as Shlohmo. Hailing from Los Angeles/San Francisco, California, this young producer mixes a wide range of sounds, creating a lo-fi, abstract type of instrumental hip hop that’s a tinge on the psychedelic side. When listening, it brought names like Madlib and Flying Lotus to mind. The name of the song I have here today is entitled “Hot Boxing the Cockpit”. The very beginning starts off with birds chirping, which kind of leaves your wondering what this is going to sound like. You should check it out for yourself though, because if anything is true, it’s the fact that I would totally hot box any cockpit to this track. Check back for more tomorrow and more Shlohmo in the near future. Enjoy!

Shlohmo – Hot Boxing the Cockpit

Clutchy Hopkins – The Life of Clutchy Hopkins

“Clutchy Hopkins” is the name of a multi-instrumentalist musician who supposedly hails from California. Not much is known about Clutchy Hopkins, and his existence has yet to be verified. The name is widely believed to be a pseudonym for one of many popular DJs, although no true identity of the person behind the music has been publicly announced. There could be just one person behind the music, or it could be multiple people, but either way, it’s still worth hearing even though some songs sound like they’re from the inside of an elevators music playlist. Basically what that means is that some songs sound like elevator music. The name of the album I have for you today is simply titled “The Life of Clutchy Hopkins” and it has 12 unnamed tracks, thus making the moniker “Clutchy Hopkins” that much more mysterious. Check out the first track from the album right here on Youtube.

Clutchy Hopkins on Myspace
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