Raw McCartney – Introducing CS

raw mccartney cs ep 2013 introducing tripp tapes

Born out of Indianapolis, RAW MCCARTNEY dropped their Introducing CS on Tripp Tapes in 2013. The tape offers a unique blend of fuzzy punk, psych, noise and space rock, following up their sloppy debut from 2012 that was recorded on a cell phone.

After hearing just how harsh their debut is, this new tape is such a welcomed change of pace. There’s even better news as the band has an upcoming 7″ with Indianapolis-based label GloryHole Records, which will hopefully lead to a full-on tour down the line. As long as there’s some form of this fuzzy space rock in our future, then everything will be a-okay.

Introducing opens with a dense warble in “Son of Sham,” setting us up on one fuzzy, time-warped journey. Fizzy guitars and pulsating bass lines lead the way, spearheaded by frontman Jacob Gardner’s raspy vocals. It’s a near 6-minute introduction, but it quickly shows off what this cassette is all about – noisy, hypnotizing space rock that is heavy on fuzz and repetition. “Born to Ride” is a frizzy graveyard burner, led by a menacing guitar buzz and a marching snare drum. There’s some sharp, melodic guitars buried in the sandpaper-like complexion, which continuously gains intensity as the track unfolds. The progression in “All is Lines” is fun and mesmerizing, sealing up a wobbly affair as if you’re staring at a mirage in the haze of the desert. The track is driven by a propulsive bass line, decorated by waves of sweeping guitars that add a dose of lysergic color.

Be sure to listen to these highlights from the tape below, then sit tight for their upcoming tour and 7″!

My Rating: SS
Genre/ Tags: Psychedelic, Post-Punk, Lo-Fi, Space Rock
Introducing: Raw McCartney CS: Tracklist:
1.) Son of Sham
2.) No Brain, No Way
3.) Born to Ride
4.) P.A. Morning Garden of Shit
5.) All is Lines
6.) Idiot Wastoid
7.) Lust for Lies

BUY the digital CS on Bandcamp
Raw McCartney on Facebook

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