Summer Cannibals – Handle This Love

SUMMER CANNIBALS is a new band from Portland, OR consisting of Jessica Boudreaux (ex-Your Canvas, Pocketknife) and Marc Swart (ex-Your Canvas, Adventures! With Might). Together the band hopes to press a 7″ single with these songs sooner than later.

Believe it or not, Summer Cannibals are still so new that they only got their first review back at the end of June. Well from here on out that’s probably going to change thanks to Handle This Love, the A-side to what would be their debut 7″. The peculiar song offers a wide variety of influences, ranging from pulsing post-punk to boiling psych-rock, featuring lysergic synths and Jessica Boudreaux’s gorgeous voice as she howls away. There’s a short bridge in the midst of the track that features a glowing, quivering guitar lick, which totally intensifies the underlying creepiness of the song itself. Go on to check out the B-side “Can’t Get Enough” and you will quickly learn of their evil, nefarious tendencies.

Check out both of these songs now – they’re dripping with attitude. Then hopefully someday this stuff will be pressed to vinyl!

Genre/ Tags: Alternative, Post-Punk, Psychedelic
Handle This Love: Tracklist:
1.) Handle This Love
2.) Can’t Get Enough

Summer Cannibals on Bandcamp
Summer Cannibals on Facebook

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