Puberty – Invitations 7″

Thanks to the folks over at Telephone Explosion Records, we now have this shining gem of a 7″. Two brand new tracks, created together by members from bands like The Shins, Intelligence, and Old Haunts, amongst others.

For Puberty, this happens to be their debut 7″. This time last year they had some random demos drifting through the web, but you might as well forget about those because this new stuff is the real deal. Opener “Invitations” has a slightly balmy feel in it’s bouncy bass lines, or maybe even a tropical swagger if you will, but that quickly changes. Revealed later in the track are airy keyboards that sound feather-weight, but are also dazzling and mysterious at the same time as they hover above your head. Simultaneously during this, spikey guitar licks are there to complement the mysterious, almost spooky effects.

B-side “Parties” is kind of hilarious in it’s own mundane way. Susanna Welbourne sings about wanting to drink, and then stating just how easy it is to do so, but she can’t do it because she has to drive home tonight! How responsible! Then it only gets better when she says she wants to high, but she can’t because she acts too fucking weird. Story of my life, Susanna. But seriously, if you don’t inexplicably feel awesome after listening to these songs, I don’t know what will change your mood. It all comes full circle in the last verse when she sings “I wish I was dead, and that’s so easy to do, so I will, because this party finally ends tonight.”

When it’s all done, don’t hesitate to spin this one again and again – it’s expected. These guys balance out their focused sound beautifully with all of their instruments, and now we just have to wait to see what comes next.

Invitations –

Parties –

My Rating: 8.2/10
Genre/ Tags: Indie Rock, Pop
Invitations 7″: Tracklist:
1.) Invitations
2.) Parties

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