Television – Marquee Moon

My Rating: 10/10
Genre/ Tags: Post-Punk, Punk, New Wave

Good afternoon! So once again, I must apologize for post-slacking. It’s been difficult to find time while the new semester is getting started, but once things are settled, I should be posting daily again. Today’s album comes from back in 1977, when punk rock and similar genres were just beginning to develop in places like the United States and United Kingdom. While this album did come out during these punk developments, that does not mean it is going to stick strictly to the textbook agenda of punk rock. The album I speak of is called “Marquee Moon”, and it was the debut release from the New York City band Television. While some punk rock elements do come through, their sound is often dominated by a more complex form of improvisation, which almost always includes a face-melting guitar solo, either played by Tom Verlaine or Richard Lloyd. This would be most prominent on the title track “Marquee Moon”, which just passes the 10-minute mark. Between these two guitarist, it’s almost impossible to not be floored by the guitar work. If you find a moment where you’re not mesmerized by the far-out guitar sounds, take a moment to notice Verlaine’s frantic and nervous vocals. When listening to him, I always get this feeling of urgency.

Over the years since it’s original release, the album has continued to receive glowing reception, often being called “one of the best debut albums of all time”. Here is a list from Uncut Magazine listing the 100 greatest debut albums of all time, with Marquee Moon coming in at an impressive 2nd place. Hopefully that fact will make the album a bit more interesting to listen to.

Do yourself a favor and listen to “Marquee Moon” on YouTube: MARQUEE MOON

Marquee Moon: Tracklist
1. “See No Evil” – 3:53
2. “Venus” – 3:51
3. “Friction” – 4:44
4. “Marquee Moon” – 10:40
5. “Elevation” – 5:07
6. “Guiding Light” – 5:35
7. “Prove It” – 5:02
8. “Torn Curtain” – 6:56
9. “Little Johnny Jewel (Parts 1 & 2)* – 7:09
10. “See No Evil” (Alternate Version)* – 4:40
11. “Friction” (Alternate Version)* – 4:52
12. “Marquee Moon” (Alternate Version)* – 10:54
13. Untitled (Instrumental)* – 3:22

Television on Myspace
Marquee Moon: BUY

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