Teen Daze – Four More Years


I’ve had these songs on my hard drive for at least a month now, and I never really got a chance to give them a nice, thorough listen until just yesterday. I’m kind of bummed that I waited this long too. Not because the records sold out or anything, but because that’s a months less of time I had to be enjoying this stuff in the hot, hazy months of summer – which is probably the best time to be listening to TEEN DAZE. I couldn’t really find a good bit of solid information on the man behind Teen Daze (even something as simple as his first name), but I did come across this awesome interview where he talks about his sudden internet fame, the story behind the name “Teen Daze”, and how his hometown city of Vancouver played an influence on his music. Pretty awesome, and definitely insightful.

“Four More Years” is the first official release from the Teen Daze camp, and it just came out pretty recently (on LP and in digital) from the Arcade Sound Ltd. imprint. Then in a little less than a month, Wonder Beard Tapes will be releasing “Four More Years” on cassette tape – in a limited edition of 100 copies and at a much more affordable price of just $5.00 (although the vinyl isn’t that expensive either). This way you have two easy (and affordable) ways of owning these dreamy, hazy Summer songs that have been driving everybody wild. Probably because of all the dancey beeps and boops that remind everyone of their old favorite Nintendo games. Or Sega. Whichever you prefer really. Although I think I’m leaning more towards Sega. One more thing: I can’t help but wonder if the airy, floating-through-space song “Shine On, You Crazy White Cap” is at all a reference to the Pink Floyd epic “Shine On You Crazy Diamond”. Who knows, but you can see why I would think that. Just check out these few songs right below, and then buy the vinyl. This way Summer is always alive…at least for as long as the record is spinning. Enjoy.

Four More Years –

Neon –

Shine On, You Crazy White Cap –

My Rating: 8/10
Genre/ Tags: Electronic, Dream Pop
Four More Years: Tracklist:
1.) Four More Years
2.) Gone for the Summer
3.) Neon
4.) Around
5.) No Regrets
6.) Shine On, You Crazy White Cap
7.) Saviour
8.) Spin Around, Go Ahead

BUY the LP directly from Arcade Sound Ltd.
Wait a few weeks, and buy it on cassette from Wonder Beard Tapes – Limited to 100 and much cheaper
Teen Daze on Myspace
Follow Teen Daze on Tumblr !

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