Crystal Stilts – Shake the Shackles 7″

Hey! Tons of new music just keeps pouring in these last few days. First we had Kurt Vile and his new 7″, and then there’s Real Estate with their new single, and don’t forget about the new Beach Fossils 7″ either.

All these better known bands are currently hard at work putting their new albums together for us (not sure if they all have new albums coming), most of which are set to come out in the new year, and CRYSTAL STILTS are certainly no exception to this happening. Although the band has been silent since their last release in 2009, that doesn’t exactly mean you should just forget about them. Crystal Stilts are indeed back on the scene, and these two new songs of theirs just might be their best.

Without any new material for most of 2009 and basically all of 2010, one might imagine that when a band comes back with new recordings, they might not be so special. That is FAR from being the case with this new single from the Stilts. And even though they weren’t putting out new stuff, that doesn’t mean they weren’t still touring and playing together as a band.

These two new tracks are stunningly awesome, and both have a darker, brooding tone, which is exactly what the Crystal Stilts are best at. Crunchy, noisy guitars, otherworldly keyboards, jangly drumming, a moody sounding Brad Hargett – they bring it all back to the table right from where they left off, only they do it bigger and better this time. If these tracks can garner this kind of praise, just imagine what their full length is going to be like come 2011. I can now say without regret that one of my most anticipated albums of 2011 is definitely whatever comes from these guys (and Woodsman).

Shake the Shackles –

Magnetic Moon –

My Rating: 8/10
Genre/ Tags: Garage Rock, Lo-Fi, Pop
Shake the Shackles 7″: Tracklist:
1.) Shake the Shackles
2.) Magnetic Moon

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