Friday’s Find: Denney and the Jets – Mexican Coke

denney and the jets mexican coke lp 2014 burger records limited fanfare

This week’s tale begins with Christopher H. Denney, leader of Nashville’s newest group of scoundrels DENNEY AND THE JETS, at age 9, stealing pills from his grandmother and smoking two packs of cigarettes a day. Continue reading “Friday’s Find: Denney and the Jets – Mexican Coke”


Friday’s Find: Natural Child – Dancin’ With Wolves

natural child dancin' with wolves lp 2014 burger records

NATURAL CHILD just broke out with Dancin’ With Wolves, the Nashville trio’s fourth full-length, and their third for Burger Records since 2011. The LP is made up of 10 campfire cowboy songs with a bluesy swagger, led by Wes Taylor’s honest vocal delivery. Continue reading “Friday’s Find: Natural Child – Dancin’ With Wolves”

Ragged Barracudas – Living the Dream 7″

ragged barracudas st 7 who can you trust records 2014

Who Can You Trust? Records is dropping a handful of new releases early in 2014. Living the Dream is the debut 7″ from RAGGED BARRACUDAS, showcasing three tracks of raw and vintage blues rock action.
Continue reading “Ragged Barracudas – Living the Dream 7″”

The Yolks – Two Dollars Out the Door 7″

yolks two dollars out the door 7 randy records 2014

After putting out their debut LP in 2009, Randy Records is following up with the third 7″ single from Chicago trio THE YOLKS. It’s their first release since their 2013 cassette, continuing their take on rugged rhythm and blues. Continue reading “The Yolks – Two Dollars Out the Door 7″”