Omni, Zula, Mavis the Dog – Live in Philadelphia (05/14/18)

omni live in philadelphia 051418

Of all of the live music events in Philadelphia last night, those who made it out to see OMNI were the ones who made the right decision. The Atlanta-based trio was supported by hometown heroes MAVIS THE DOG and ZULA, who came in from New York City.

Mavis the Dog kicked off the evening with a great set, quickly solidifying the thought that this night was going to be a memorable one. Their set list contained a large serving of tracks from their latest cassette release The Jetsies (Silver Racecar). The tape is loaded with a hazy batch of lazy summertime tunes – much like an early White Fence record. In the live setting these songs come to life in such a different way, fleshed out and delivered beautifully by a full, four-piece band. It’s hard to do their live sound justice by writing about it. You simply need to go see them for yourself – they have another show lined up on July 21st, again at PhilaMOCA.

Zula came to town from New York City with a hypnotic blend of psyched-out pop. Together the 5-piece displayed this effortless, genre-melding sound, made up with electronic elements paired with traditional instrumentation. Bass lines were downright funky and the guitar work was precise and deliberate, creating these extended, dance-worthy songs that were smooth and progressive as they unfolded. They don’t have any future shows listed at the moment, but stay tuned to their Facebook page for updates.

Omni played an explosive set, covering a great deal of their two albums, including their latest single “Sunset Preacher” we posted a few weeks ago. They even tossed in a brand new track they’re calling “Delicacy,” which we have the pleasure of sharing with you below. They powered through their songs, seemingly without breaking a sweat, delivering highlights “Afterlife,” “Choke,” “Earrings,” “Jungle Jenny,” “Wire,” Southbound Station” and a handful of others. Check these videos below – don’t miss any of these bands the next time you see them in your neck of the woods.

Omni – “Delicacy”

Omni – “Wednesday Wedding”

Zula on Facebook

Omni on Facebook

Mavis the Dog on BlogSpot – free downloads galore!

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